Double Helix Creative - Gracefully Entwining Form and Function
Our History



Double Helix Creative was founded by technical polyglots that saw the need for the merging of technical skill, business understanding, and creative solutions. With backgrounds in various industries and with a deep understanding of the drivers of both the business and the user, we provide concise solutions to complex problems.

Our business has grown from an agency supporting small and startup businesses to supporting or running projects for Fortune 500 and Federal Government Agency customers.


Unlike many of the development companies that we compete with, our founder worked in various industries and roles before finding his calling in software development consulting. Instead of trying to herd cats by having siloed experts in each area, we have experience across all roles in the project and facilitate understanding from the client all the way back to the database.

We started this business to support companies fed up with providers that build beautiful sites that didn’t work, or functional sites that confused the user and generated zero conversions. We have experience building anything from small business ecommerce to multinational Saas projects serving Fortune 500s and Government Agencies.